New Fake AV “Antivirus System” can’t be removed from Safe Mode with networking

These days when malicious softwares, virus and trojans are are so rampant no wonder fake antivirus are also common. A perfect example is “Antivirus System,” a Fake AV analyzed by experts from Webroot.

The antivirus system scans the files of the user and then reports some threats which must be cleared as soon as possible. To remove them the app must be registered which requires certain amount of money.

In addition, the Fake AV also sports some features that are common for legitimate security solutions.(Reports news.softpedia)

In many cases such threats are easy to remove by booting uo the computer in safe mode and scanning the device with authentic antivirus product.

Well the Antivirus System is not that easy to remove since the malware injects itself into the explorer shell, which is loaded in safe mode as well. This hinders the user from starting any executable.

Nevertheless, this does not mean that you just have to waste your money and activate the product since there is always a way out.

At first an antivirus solution should diminish the malware before it affects the system and if it has infected your system these are the steps you should follow:-
*Start your computer in safe mode with command prompt.(this dosen’t launch explorer shell, so the fake AV will be inactive.)

*Then, create a new administrator account by typing “control nusrmgr.cpl.”

*Once the account is created, reboot the computer and log in to the new account.

Now this new account is unaffected by the virus and you are free to remove the malicious software off your computer. But beware the next time.

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